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  • Mac7
    Aug 12, 09:09 AM
    am i doing something wrong? why won't my picture show up on here?

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  • iJohnHenry
    Mar 2, 04:34 PM
    I am excited.. ....... :(

    I am exited. :p

    Enough with 5Ps navel gazing, or lint collecting, or whatever??

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  • a.jfred
    Feb 9, 12:34 PM
    And since we're not touching the data plan, those of us with the grandfathered unlimited data plan will still get to keep the unlimited data plan, n'est pas?

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  • dslrjunky
    May 2, 07:30 PM
    I have a question anyone know where I can find a blank template on creating my own mbp decal like those you can find at etsy.com I want to create my own decal just need a template so I can have the exact size..

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  • SeaFox
    Nov 30, 01:35 AM
    The studios want to avoid the experience of the music industry, which has yet to recover from years of illegal digital piracy. Apple must introduce a �new model� for feature film content delivery, said one studio executive involved in the talks. With the average cost of a blockbuster film approaching $100m, movie studios had more to lose than music companies, he added.

    Wow, pardon me for stating the obvious here. But you can't "buy" a good movie. So there's no requirement that a studio spend $100 mil per picture. You don't have to use expensive special effects to bring in audiences. There are these things called "good writing" "engaging plot" and "talented acting" that I hear also draw people to theaters as well.

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  • G5Unit
    Apr 5, 08:36 PM
    Man, I never look at the finer detials

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  • iBlue
    Apr 14, 01:26 AM
    A homophobe, a rapist and a black guy walk into a bar... everyone says "hi, Kobe."

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  • Ecodisk
    Dec 15, 07:17 PM
    Other then the standard on board sound.

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  • DewGuy1999
    Apr 26, 09:21 AM
    :apple: Power On Self-Test Beep Definition - Part 2 (http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1547)

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  • Nermal
    Dec 28, 11:36 PM
    There are 4 remixes of My Prerogative.

    1. X-Press 2 Vocal Mix (7:18)
    2. X Press 2 Vocal Mix (4:17)
    3. Armand Van Helden Remix (7:34)
    4. Armand Van Helden Dub (7:32)

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  • zen.state
    Apr 5, 03:52 AM
    Yeah must be crossed posts!

    What is weird though is that I just ran geekbench and got a score of 764 with only 256mb ram compared with 732 when I had 512md ram :confused:

    could it be that the dodgy dimm was registering its capacity but hindering the machine in the geekbench tests due to it being faulty?

    Geekbench isn't super consistent with it's scores in my experience. Xbench is even worse. I have seen GB waver as much as 30-40 points in identical situations.

    The best benchmarks for consistency which is exactly what you need in a benchmark:

    Cinebench (CPU and Hardware/Software Graphics)
    SuperPrime (prime number CPU bench)
    PowerFractal (Altivec)
    OpenMark (3D video)
    Let 1000 Windows Bloom (2D video)
    QuickBench (hard disk)

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  • metalman1253
    Dec 17, 06:14 AM
    I just bought a new iPod Touch 4g (YEEE!!!!), and I would like to jailbreak it. It wasn't even plugged in yet. How can I restore it to 4.2 or 4.1 right off the bat? Turn off wifi and delete the other .ipsw's? Any suggestions would be appreciated :)

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  • acearchie
    Nov 12, 05:13 AM
    A survey of A.C.E. members (American Cinema Editors), who mainly work on 'Hollywood' TV shows and movies, taken around the same time showed that about 80% of members used Avid while about 10% used FCP.


    Just out of interest what do the other 10% use?

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  • mikedroof
    Jun 21, 02:03 AM
    I heard you cant line up outside the mall entrance.

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  • haruhiko
    Apr 24, 11:35 PM
    Apple really wants to squeeze out all potential sales of the iPhone 4 up until the last minute because they lost big time in 3GS sales for nearly 2 months after the leaked/stolen iPhone 4 incident.

    I really hope that they will still push out the iPhone 5 in June despite all the rumors that it will be postponed to September.

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  • phas3
    Dec 14, 03:09 PM
    Finally got my MBP set up the way I wanted to, quite similar to this. (http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=11268404&postcount=338) All credit to OP.

    http://img138.imageshack.us/img138/8126/wallpapermu.png (http://img802.imageshack.us/img802/6195/screenshot20101214at647.jpg)
    Click to view.

    i like it, what did you change? what icons etc.?

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  • blevins321
    Apr 4, 09:00 AM
    HERE (http://www.amazon.com/APPLE-COMPOSITE-AV-cable-ZML/dp/B004EWEX9Y/ref=dp_ob_title_ce) is a link to the set of cables necessary. ($5 cheaper than Apple, free shipping, maybe no tax).

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  • boko
    Aug 1, 10:52 PM
    My current desktop :D

    Link to the original: click me (http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper_beta/details/107/tokyo_at_night.html)

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  • Desler
    Feb 24, 03:05 PM
    Hey, I'm trying to generate a sound that will match something from a song my band is covering. I have the sound set up just right except I need the it to oscillate faster. I want it to be at oscillating at about 178 bpm but I can't figure how to get it to work.

    If I can't do it by tempo else can I do it?

    Feb 14, 10:25 AM
    I'm on the ball you see ;) :D
    Could this be the end of spam as we know it? Damn... and I was after a new iPod...

    May 2, 05:07 PM
    Now's a good a time as any :)

    No, midnight isn't as good a time as any lol. :p

    Mar 26, 10:42 PM
    Obviously you have difficulty dealing with people that disagree with you.

    Once again, I am not siding with the seller. His selling privileges will be rightfully revoked. He clearly violated eBay's terms of service.

    But he doesn't belong in jail....at least not for this offense.

    i wasn't attacking to you, i was replying to this comment:

    I just can't stand people that automatically declare something illegal because they think it is wrong.

    Apr 5, 02:11 PM
    Chick magnet.

    I saw that thing going down the freeway a few years ago, things a beast.

    May 5, 01:01 PM
    Ask one of the Apple Store managers, but I'm almost certain they would have a procedure for destroying/recycling those displays. Apple doesn't seem like the sort of company who would let someone take any of that home when they're done with them.

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