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  • Loge
    Nov 1, 05:10 PM
    LaTex is just about my favourite free app for producing professional looking technical documents. I use the front end TeXShop (http://www.uoregon.edu/~koch/texshop/texshop.html).

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  • AidenShaw
    May 3, 09:28 PM
    why mr has large gay/bi members?

    However large, the size of my member has nothing to do with this.

    The irony of a forum with a very large gay and bisexual membership to ask for blood donations is beyond ridiculous.

    Think this through, MacRumors, think this through.

    Perhaps MacRumours could encourage its "disenfranchised" members to show up for donations, and protest being prevented from donating. If the Red Cross workers in the field get a sense for the numbers of potential donors that are being turned away, maybe that will trickle up to the policy makers.

    During the height of the AIDS crisis the motto "Silence=Death" was used by some of the protestors. Anytime it's "Silence=<NoEqualRights>", those disenfranchised and their supporters should make noise. Silence supports the status quo - speak up for change when the status quo is discriminatory.

    The Red Cross policy is wrong, and not scientifically or socially defensible.

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  • mafia hacker
    May 6, 07:00 AM
    heeeeeeey no one say any thing

    is that bcos am new user ?

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  • bjdku
    Sep 30, 10:40 AM
    This is fantastic news! I am stunned! Yes a lot of large enterprises and non-profits use Lotus Notes...it is more pervasive than you would think, and if IBM are taking notice of a increasing demand, I am drooling at the mouth to start marketing Mac computers to my clients!

    "Be like the big dogs, get a mac!"

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  • LukeHarrison
    Feb 13, 08:25 AM
    Mine for this month. Just waiting for the new MBP's before I can get back to the Mac. :)

    http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/8951/screenshotqyj.th.png (http://img689.imageshack.us/i/screenshotqyj.png/)

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 16, 06:56 PM
    Ok, explain to me how there is any reasonable doubt the arizona shooter is guilty, explain to me how there is any reasonable doubt the connecticut home invaders are guilty, explain to me how there is any reasonable doubt that someone who fully confesses to their crime is guilty. Your argument is nonsense.

    You're forgetting that I disagree that killing for killing is justice. The potential failures of the justice system are only one (very good) argument against it.

    If your idea of a discussion is everyone agreeing with your view, then yes that's exactly what i've done. I don't care about what you think either, your opinion is in the minority anyway so i'm in good company.

    My idea of discussion is rational reasoning, not bloodthirsty appeals to emotion or polls proving one is in "good company".

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  • Audrey313
    Jul 3, 03:40 AM
    Can buying things like charging cords and docking stations from places like eBay and from other companies other than Apple mess up the battery on an iPod/Touch?

    Rookie question I'm sure but I'd rather be safe than sorry. I'd like to get a couple backups but don't want any to mess up anything!

    Thanks in advance!

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  • PlaceofDis
    Mar 25, 03:37 PM
    Command+m will bring you into windowed mode. if you need/want to switch between the two apps i'd play in windowed mode and just Command+Tab between the two

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  • jessica.
    Mar 27, 03:15 PM
    Ah armchair lawyers ... I thought something like this came up a long time ago but I couldn't find it through a search. Regardless, the auction clearly intended to deceive a buyer and for that alone, PP would side with the winning bidder.

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  • bw1128
    Apr 30, 10:09 AM
    is there a way to have a google search or bing search area on your homescreen link the evo?

    i hate how long the new google app takes to load.

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  • XnavxeMiyyep
    Jul 6, 07:08 PM
    Macs are designed to have Dual Processors, and OS X is designed to take advantage of that. Panther will definitely take advantage of the second processor, as will various applications.

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  • gatepc
    Jan 1, 10:00 PM
    If he is running on the Macbook Pro, Bigadvs wont work.

    Is this the Macbook Pro we are talking about? Also, what folding client are you using? The system preferences pane? How often do you close the lid, put it to sleep, or shut it down?

    It is a MacBook Pro i7 it stays on 24/7 and always sits on my desk I rarely transport it anywhere. So leaving the application running won't be a problem

    and yes I am using the system preference pane

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  • Sun Baked
    Feb 14, 10:50 PM
    Ahh yes. The ones for whom without, the forums would be nothing. Power to the people. We hold the forums by the balls. If we wish to bring the forum to its knees, we could. If we want to make it the greatest forum on the web, we could. :p ;)Well, that post makes me glad I'm not a moderator...

    I wouldn't wan't your hands on my balls, for any reason. http://forums.macrumors.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=20417&stc=1

    Edit: Especially if they are cold and clammy. :(

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  • KnightWRX
    May 2, 06:49 AM
    Do you ever question your life
    Do you ever wonder why
    Do you ever see in your dreams
    All the castles in the sky :)

    You do realise the negative connotation of those lyrics right ? Anyone thinking "Castle in the sky!" is positive and cute needs to wake up to what was actually meant by the metaphor.

    Next you guys will be telling us how great it is for Apple to build houses on sand.

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  • chrono1081
    Dec 27, 06:15 PM
    Microsoft is rock solid?

    Let's see, as a 15 year IT worker who has supported many MS environments, I have been yanked out of bed at 2am 3 times because "new" viruses that the Anti-Virus software didn't even know about, had brought down hundreds of machines on the network, and had even brought down routers and switches.

    I think the $100,000 we might spend on IPS/IDS blades for all the core switches to analyze the traffic coming from Windows machines might be better spent if we just put Macs in the network and maybe stick a free Snort box in there as an after thought.

    Companies spend millions just keeping their Windows machines in line -thank about it. MS has never been serious about security.

    +1 At least you were yanked of bed for legit reasons and not exchange servers going down for no reason...I should say no hardware reason....MS couldn't even figure out the issue :/ Thankfully I don't work there anymore so someone else gets to have the fun :P

    As for MS not being serious about security I completely agree. The mere fact that a malware can make its files invisible to the whole OS including command prompt enrages me, especially when I plug the infected drive into a linux or mac machine and can manually see and delete said file.

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  • amacgenius
    Oct 23, 04:24 AM

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  • bwrairen
    Mar 27, 08:55 PM
    Exactly. Keyboard tough guy. Those handgun pictures are so intimidating!

    Have fun with your castle defense after the prosecutor admits these forum posts. Some juries convicts defendants just for being an *******!

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  • kdarling
    May 4, 09:16 PM
    All of a sudden I'm getting this error, which causes my IE8 work PC to hang with Window Busy all the time:

    Webpage error details

    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; GTB6; .NET CLR 1.0.3705; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; MS-RTC LM 8)
    Timestamp: Thu, 5 May 2011 02:02:38 UTC

    Message: Could not complete the operation due to error 800a03e8.
    Line: 11
    Char: 1
    Code: 0
    URI: http://files.netshelter.net/js/k_extract.js

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  • NickZac
    Mar 8, 07:15 PM
    What really busts our budget are the mind-boggling amounts we spend on our entitlement programs--Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid (especially Medicare and Medicaid). These programs are wildly more expensive than any other budget items, and they're also growing like weeds.

    If we don't get Medicare and Medicaid expenses under control, the USA will go broke, pure and simple. And yet, almost no one in Washington has the stones to even talk about this, let alone do something about it. They just kick the can down the road.

    One of the problems with many of the 'solutions' means that as an after-affect, Americans will starve, and some may even die due to not getting necessary medical care. So yes, we, as a country, can cut back on these programs, but does that mean we should cut back these programs with their potential side-effects? How do people on this forum feel about budget reductions that will make people have to decide whether they get the medication that they need or eat more than once a day?

    I don't think anyone can appreciate Medicare and (especially) Medicaid until you can see first hand just what these programs do for so many people.

    Financial issues? Yes. Any good current solution?

    Here is a place to start...we need to think long and hard about how we save money, as well as its potential benefits and consequences. We also need to think about how we can make our money go further than it currently is. Let's not cut back programs in the immediate; let's work from the bottom up. So my idea is to examine how we can keep the current level of quality (or increase it), while simultaneously reducing operating and administrative costs.

    This is possible, at least in my field. One place to start would be reverting to the concept and practice of Evidence Based Medicine, which is using medical services and medication that has proven effectiveness. This means not using/paying for treatments of questionable outcomes or experimental and unproven medications. Often this actually results in a better outcome for both your pockets and your health, as newer medical technology is generally more expensive, and if you go right to using a treatment that we know does work, treatment comes quicker because time is not wasted on things which do not work. This concept seems to have originated from numerous European countries, and IMO was perfected by the Nordic Countries years ago.

    Here is an example; let's take the top selling drugs in the US:
    1) Lipitor ($14.5 Billion)
    2) ADVAIR ($6 Billion)
    3) Plavix ($6 Billion)
    4) Nexium ($5 Billion)

    1) Evidence of Lipitor actually affecting ultimate outcomes is questionable. Yes, it lowers stats on paper, but if it reduces the chances of dying is still disputed. Also, it has a side effect profile which can make one's life a living nightmare.
    2) ADVAIR is probably worth the money given its ability and lower side effect profile than other steroids used for asthma
    3) Plavix outcomes can also be disputed
    4) Nexium is essentially Prilosec. Ultimate outcomes of 40mg Nexium versus an equal dose Prilosec are almost identical, and differences are not statistically significant. Nexium is marketed as being better because Prilosec through sneaky studies that were published by the pharmaceutical company that makes it by using a lower dose of Prilosec and testing Nexium against medical issues that Prilosec was never marketed for. It is a Me Too Drug to the tenth power. A year's worth of generic Prilosec costs less than one week of Nexium.

    See how I am working this? Things like this can be considered and the effectiveness versus the costs needs to be given more detail. Just my 2 cents.

    Lola M
    Oct 6, 10:57 PM
    Nothing fancy...my kid.

    Apr 14, 05:21 PM
    Pop culture has that lowest common denominator appeal about it; that's why it's popular. Good luck on raising that bar. But let's not kid ourselves here - he was fined for PC reasons, albeit trivially so given the size of his paychecks. Otherwise, we wouldn't be seeing half of the NBA tripping over themselves to issue statements and apologies and conduct investigations.

    That IS very true. Usually "pop culture" influences and is taken up by two major groups...kids...and the lower classes. The artists often target these groups and as for the kids...well, it's hard to stop them from "speaking thier minds" because the are just all about spur of the moment. And they would say things without even realizing what it means or the consequences...some simply don't care.

    The "lower classes" aren't as educated so many will also adopt "pop culture" from TV or wherever they get it from without realizing what impact it has on others arround them and in the different environments. Fore example, you would see more educated and/or high class people with "manners" in such sensitive situations vs. like a bunch of "blue collar red necks" so to speak. Even when you're just out of adolescence, you can see this distiguishment. What I've found is that in general "harvard types" interact differently from "community college types". And this fits even later in life although "most" older ppl would have matured to a certain extent. Not to mention that "harvard types" are much rarer than "community college types" so hence...where "pop culture" thrives more.

    Small White Car
    Nov 29, 12:58 PM
    I agree on the copying for own use. You should not be limited on something you have purchased. But you put 'profit' at the end of your 'list' that to me means you also sell the copies.

    If he had just put "profit" that would be a fair judgemnt.

    But that's not exactly what he said. The actual quote is:
    "3) ????? 4) PROFIT!"

    That's different. It's an old joke. I guess you've never seen it before.

    Mar 2, 04:29 PM
    Me too.I don't think even that will save it.

    Dec 10, 03:42 PM
    classic :cool:


    How'd you do the dock like that? I've never messed with my icons or dock before but I like how nice and clean that looks.

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