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Eisenhower Executive Office Building

Eisenhower Executive Office Building. Dwight D. Eisenhower Executive
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  • GreatestDane
    Feb 5, 12:21 PM
    Here ya go!


    Thank you!

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  • Eisenhower Executive Office

  • Mac-key
    May 4, 10:58 PM
    ok so I have imported my bootcamp partition. i got it all set up and powered on. i went to install vmware tools, and it seems that nothing is happening. the bottom of the window of my virtual machine says it is NOT installed. it tells me to go to virtual machine>install virtual tools...

    problem is, I'm not seeing that...

    any advice

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  • aarond12
    Nov 19, 03:33 PM
    All I know is that I went into one of the stores looking for an iPad and the manager said they were barraged by calls today about iPads.

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  • Mac owner
    Aug 20, 10:53 PM
    Why my phone gets stuck when i plug in to my car stereo?
    i have a brand new Pannasonic sterreo for my truck and i am listening to on-line radio from Europe
    Has a USB port

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  • shartypants
    Mar 25, 11:51 AM
    Google Maps is the gold standard, but Apple has been known to overthrow standards :)

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  • Barack Obama ». President

  • GGJstudios
    May 2, 03:09 PM
    Double-click on a .zip file. The uncompress function is already in your Mac.

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  • AppliedVisual
    Oct 31, 12:14 PM
    Laser=L.A.S.E.R.=Light Amplified by Stimulating Emissions of Radiation.

    Actually, LASER = Light Ampilfication by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. ;)

    Eisenhower Executive Office Building. 1 / 2. President Barack Obama
  • 1 / 2. President Barack Obama

  • SpanishUser
    Oct 6, 11:12 AM
    I did, in fact, mean using JavaScript on page load to disable the user from changing the size of the textarea, not within my browser. It's like using CSS to disable the dotted border Firefox puts around links when they are active.

    Form elements, and the divs that contain them, often need either fixed widths or have widths that are proportional to their containers.

    Take Google (http://www.google.com). Depending on how the layout is set up (this is just hypothetical), resizing the search box would push those three links next to it off into oblivion if they were all in a div that was fixed or proportional to the page width. It doesn't matter if Safari "dynamically redraws the page" since the div would still be calculated to be the same. Worse yet, depending on its overflow attribute, they could be pushed onto a new line.

    I'd really not like to see Safari become the next IE 5. It already has its share of JavaScript bugs. This would just mean us designers would have to spend that much more time envisioning what would happen if a user resized every form element on every page and incorporating it into our layouts. This is why I hope there's a way to disable it outright.

    I hope you remember the user CSS take precedence, the user can choose a minimum font size and run an extension like nonscript to firefox so by default
    no javascript would run.

    The Web is based in that is the reader the one that decide how a page would look if you do not like that begin to design magazines or book.

    Note: the noscript funcinality is something I would like to see added to safari.

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  • iBug2
    Nov 12, 08:55 PM
    Jobs (and most of us here) are missing the point. It's not about getting a release window for the next iteration of FCP, it's about running a business and the need to plan according to a supplier's roadmap. This is one area where Apple totally blows: without awareness of basic features, likely timelines, and a clear product commitment, it's nerve wracking and borderline irresponsible to use Apple products in the backbone of any business.

    Cue the apologists, but I've been in the driver's seat on this and for serious professionals it is an abuse that Apple should stop. If a product is claimed to be for professional use, then give the professionals the information they need to plan and run their business. If you don't get why this matters, I'm going to guess you've never run a business where you had the responsibility for people's livelihood on your shoulders.

    You don't need to know a year ahead of Apple's product launch dates to run your business. There are lots of professionals using 5 year old software to get their millions of dollars of worth work done. I like software upgrades as much as the next guy, but just because it's cool to install new stuff, not that I'll be able to do much more than I can do right now with the new software.

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  • Doctor Q
    Apr 19, 11:10 AM
    All should be working again. If you encounter further trouble, please let us know.

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  • CorvusCamenarum
    Mar 16, 11:23 PM
    Before Lee's undies self-contort into yet another sheepshank, why don't we go to the sources rather than a secondhand blog?

    The NYT covered the story (http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/09/us/09assault.html?_r=1) (sorry, couldn't find the original).

    The part of the article relevant to the topic at hand:
    Residents in the neighborhood where the abandoned trailer stands � known as the Quarters � said the victim had been visiting various friends there for months. They said she dressed older than her age, wearing makeup and fashions more appropriate to a woman in her 20s. She would hang out with teenage boys at a playground, some said.

    �Where was her mother? What was her mother thinking?� said Ms. Harrison, one of a handful of neighbors who would speak on the record. �How can you have an 11-year-old child missing down in the Quarters?�

    Note that this is most likely from where the representative from Florida got her information and was paraphrasing, albeit with poor word choice.

    Now then, a follow up from the NYT public editor (http://publiceditor.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/03/11/gang-rape-story-lacked-balance/):
    The Times, responding to a wave of complaints, issued a statement Wednesday saying, �Nothing in our story was in any way intended to imply that the victim was to blame. Neighbors� comments about the girl, which we reported in the story, seemed to reflect concern about what they saw as a lack of supervision that may have left her at risk.�

    Of course, this begs the question of why a publication as liberal as the NYT would want to break with a generation or more of tradition and even hint at the insinuation that the victim was to blame?

    For that, we have to go to the UK's Daily Mail (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1365112/Horrific-gang-rape-18-men-girl-11-Texas-sparks-racial-tension.html)

    I guess the Times was stuck between blaming the victim and having another Jena 6 story on their hands.

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  • macconservative
    Apr 4, 11:06 AM
    So what is the early upgrade price on Verizon?

    Unless I am mistaken you cannot do early upgrade with Verizon. I thought that you had to wait until like 20 of your 24 months were up otherwise it was full retail price.

    AT&T I think is just trying to make sure that people don't purchase phone, cancel and make money selling to eBay

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  • ashman70
    May 6, 11:15 PM
    Says it's coming from China, probably a knock off.

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  • ct-scan
    Sep 27, 10:27 AM
    I think it does look nice. I just hope this is include in Leopard server as well. I would love to run my own mail server with this type of webmail interface.

    I currently use the built-in Squirrelmail...and while it works for my users, this interface is would be much closer to what they're looking for.
    (Not that us sysadmin really care that much about users :D )

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  • WildCowboy
    Dec 16, 04:23 PM
    Nice idea, but you can't really read the text. It's probably clear to most people what you're doing, but the font and size of the "Mac Rumors" isn't clear enough.

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  • xplnusa
    Feb 9, 12:00 PM
    I'm excited by this... Hopefully my plan will qualify..

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  • Espekayen
    Apr 13, 10:08 AM
    Some people need to chill out. If your 3GS (or whatever) is getting old and you need a new phone, then go and get one. Why are you waiting if your phone needs to be replaced? Either you can wait for the new iPhone or you can't. It will come out when Apple are good and ready to release it. They owe us nothing and have never made any official annoucements regarding the release date for the new iPhone.

    Bottom line is this: you have two choices...

    1) If you're not happy with waiting for the iPhone 5, then there are plenty of other phones to choose from. Vote with your feet.

    2) If you want to stick with Apple, then stop complaining and just wait.

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  • reckless_0001
    Oct 5, 04:54 PM
    Sounds awesome, but I'll still stick with Camino until Safari speeds up a bit and is more stable. Those were my only two issues.


    Download the Safari Webkit Nightly, it's plenty fast. Today's build is pretty stable too (r16812)...


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  • gnomeisland
    Apr 27, 08:31 AM
    What interface/app are you using to watch video and from what streaming source?

    From what you explain I would guess you are running h.264 streams that may be beyond your Macs capability. My single 1.8 7448 G4 would easily outperform your dual 867 and I can't go above 480p h.264.

    For the best video playback experience on your hardware I would restrict it to 480p and lower h.264 and DivX/XviD up to 720p. It's also all about the player you use. On PowerPC chips Quicktime generally uses up to double the CPU vs. VLC or Mplayer.

    Give me specifics about codec and apps used and I can help you solve this issue no matter what video card you have.

    I was going to dispute you and say old dual 500mhz cube cube play 720p files with the stock Geoforce card but I remembered that was running the multi-thread variant of MPlayer. That might work for you.

    Dec 7, 11:00 PM
    Love this movie.

    Aug 9, 06:50 AM
    my main screen

    my laptop screen (stolen from a previous desktop thread)

    Mar 24, 01:09 PM
    Are you frickin kidding? Sharia law IS stupid extremist ideology. That's the only way to describe it. Maybe you should read some more.
    OK, I read some more. Some parts of Shari'a (mostly the fard) are a bit goofy or non-sensical, but for the most part, I am failing to see "stupid extremism". One must consider the fact that the concept itself is broad and moderated by sectarian differences: to say Shari'a is "this" or is "that" may fail depending on which interpretation is used, even who is interpreting it. Ultimately, the problems with Shari'a rest not with the code itself as much as with the people in charge of interpreting it. In the west, even secular code gets interpreted badly sometimes (or often), allow frothing nutbags to be in charge, expect to be outraged.

    Nov 7, 06:18 AM
    So my website has an RSS feed, but despite this I do not know how to get a RSS icon to display in the Safari 2.0 toolbar, or to display on the bottom right corner of Firefox. How is this done? Anything you guys can do to help would be nice.

    Nov 20, 05:35 PM
    Shaw Wu Is Super Lame

    Dodge Viper Wallpaper

    Dodge Viper Wallpaper. Dodge Viper
  • Dodge Viper

  • KnightWRX
    May 2, 06:49 AM
    Do you ever question your life
    Do you ever wonder why
    Do you ever see in your dreams
    All the castles in the sky :)

    You do realise the negative connotation of those lyrics right ? Anyone thinking "Castle in the sky!" is positive and cute needs to wake up to what was actually meant by the metaphor.

    Next you guys will be telling us how great it is for Apple to build houses on sand.

    Dodge Viper Wallpaper. dodge viper wallpaper,
  • dodge viper wallpaper,

  • munkle
    Nov 14, 09:51 PM
    Some more cool free apps that haven't been mentioned:

    Mail.appetizer (http://www.bronsonbeta.com/mailappetizer/beta/): a nice and simple new e-mail notifier screen.

    Graffiti (http://www.ianhenderson.org/software/graffiti): lets you flip over any window in a Cocoa application and write on the back!

    Dodge Viper Wallpaper. Coupe, Dodge, Viper SRT-10
  • Coupe, Dodge, Viper SRT-10

  • BeamWalker
    Sep 5, 06:06 PM
    How can I get the time and the weather on my screen like that??? Thanks!

    It is done with the program Geektool. Have a look here (http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=9077447&postcount=1618).

    Dodge Viper Wallpaper. Dodge Viper Wallpaper by
  • Dodge Viper Wallpaper by

  • Buddybaila
    Apr 10, 07:49 AM
    My niece just noticed a crack on her iPad 2. She didn't drop it, she takes great care of it and she is a responsible adult. Has anyone else noticed an issue like this?

    Dodge Viper Wallpaper. Dodge Viper Gts Wallpaper.
  • Dodge Viper Gts Wallpaper.

  • CarsonGallo
    Apr 30, 04:16 PM
    More specifically its supposed to be in Safari. Heres the link to the article (http://goo.gl/BjYWf) http://photos.appleinsider.com/readinglist-110430.jpg

    Dodge Viper Wallpaper. A newly designed Dodge Viper
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  • verozov
    Jan 12, 09:07 PM
    this is stuff is great to put on iPods, especially for long trips! exactly what ive been looking for, and for free! thanks!

    Dodge Viper Wallpaper. Dodge Viper Gts Wallpaper.
  • Dodge Viper Gts Wallpaper.

  • Laird Knox
    Apr 7, 12:08 AM
    Here. I always like the home cloud concept, where you get your own personal server and can transfer data/sync through the cloud. So you own your data instead of trusting it to someone else.

    I'm moving in the opposite direction. I ran my own server for years. Now my web site resides on App Engine and my data will be backed up off site. Much less hastle than before.

    Dodge Viper Wallpaper. Auto Car - Dodge Viper SRT
  • Auto Car - Dodge Viper SRT

  • monke
    Dec 19, 12:11 AM

    Dodge Viper Wallpaper. Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR-X 2010
  • Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR-X 2010

  • baryon
    Nov 11, 09:54 AM
    It would be great if Final Cut Pro got updated. At the moment, Adobe Premiere Pro is quite a lot better and has a more modern interface, which is kind of strange, as FCP is the industry standard.

    Dodge Viper Wallpaper. Dodge Viper 2010 Wallpaper.
  • Dodge Viper 2010 Wallpaper.

  • Yellowstone2012
    Mar 30, 11:48 PM
    I am looking for something that is like Visual Studio's "Properties Panel" UI component for Mac OS X (Xcode).

    Is there such a control?


    Dodge Viper Wallpaper. Dodge Viper desktop wallpaper
  • Dodge Viper desktop wallpaper

  • supafly1703
    Jul 27, 09:46 AM
    What if they made a high, fast I/O version of the drive so that you could run your entire OS from a BD-RW?

    Dodge Viper Wallpaper. Dodge Viper Wallpaper
  • Dodge Viper Wallpaper

  • bdj33ranch
    Aug 6, 10:41 PM
    It uses a 6-to-6 Firewire cable plus a power supply and is compatible with both Mac and Windows. Your Dell would need a Firewire port or the ability to install a Firewire expansion card. Software should be available for download at the lacie.com website. If you don't have the power supply maybe LaCie support (or Radio Shack) can help you out.

    Dodge Viper Wallpaper. dodge viper wallpaper Image
  • dodge viper wallpaper Image

  • stagi
    Oct 10, 11:30 AM
    Loving this upgrade so far and well worth the $3. Lots of little features but they are very handy and cool. Love the feature to add someone to your contacts, the refresh is really cool, threaded comments and inbox are nice. well put together

    Dodge Viper Wallpaper. Dodge Viper 2010 Wallpaper.
  • Dodge Viper 2010 Wallpaper.

  • eddiexhart
    Mar 11, 11:15 AM
    Anybody planning on going to this one?

    239 Los Cerritos Center
    Cerritos, CA 90703

    I'm about to head out and wait, hopefully the first one!

    Dodge Viper Wallpaper. Dodge Viper 2011 Wallpaper.
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  • Dreadnought
    Mar 23, 12:22 PM
    I don't have the foggiest idea what you just said, but Stanford is working on a client that uses your GPU for folding gromacs.

    Dodge Viper Wallpaper. Send eCard - Dodge Viper 2001
  • Send eCard - Dodge Viper 2001

  • Bern
    Sep 24, 06:55 PM
    I believe their words contained the phrase "ignorance is bliss".

    Nero said that too as he played his fiddle. :rolleyes:

    Dodge Viper Wallpaper. Wallpaper Download middot; Dodge
  • Wallpaper Download middot; Dodge

  • edesignuk
    Feb 14, 02:40 AM
    Uh, I don't know if this has been asked before, but, about edesignuk's job at dealing with threads that get off track... What if it's edesignuk himself who gets it off track? What happens then?

    Please don't hurt me! I'm scared of the mods. I mean no disrespect! It's just a question, I swear! I wasn't implying anything!
    Then I imagine I get a swift kick up the butt, and land back on my previously titled demi-god ass before I know it! :eek:

    ...I'll be good...:D

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  • ezekielrage_99
    Mar 21, 06:06 PM
    8) Other artists. They always have pre-defined notions are are rarely up for up for interpretation
    9) Design by committee. When there is more then 2 or 3 people approving your design, RUN.

    Ahhh yes.. I forgot about those two chestnuts :)

    Marketing departments also seem to have the same affect on me as other artists, they have an idea and generally wont let it go... They seem to pop in awesome critiques like:
    make it more webbish
    We are looking for a great design, it will bring much honor and prosperity to our beloved company. (yes from a non English speaking client)

    While design committee = death by firing squad

    Dodge Viper Wallpaper. [Image: dodge-viper-wallpaper-
  • [Image: dodge-viper-wallpaper-

  • cootersgarage6
    Feb 8, 11:39 PM
    My 4th Generation 8GB iPod Touch is getting really laggy. Even simply things. Like when I go to scroll through the pre-loaded pictures for my wallpaper, it lags... and same with web pages and sometimes when I type.. It's not a memory issue because I have almost 5GBs free still, and nothing running in the background.

    Mar 16, 04:13 PM
    Wow...I could give a damn what she was wearing she isn't asking to be raped.

    Of course she didn't. But certainly if one was dressed as a 21 year old prostitute they'd get much more attention from whomever would commit a rape.

    It's interesting how similar hardcore Christian conservatives are to hardcore conservative Muslims.

    How is that? Christians are making their women wear burkhas now?

    Sep 12, 01:17 AM

    pretty simple setup.

    Apr 26, 08:16 AM
    The thing I find funny is that about 90% of the people who were anxiously waiting for or desire the white iPhone are just going to stick it in a case anyway.

    Feb 15, 10:02 AM
    So, um, you're not getting any for the non-new Mods? Hmmm. Bold move. ;)

    Hey, give me a little credit, jsw. The older mods all already have theirs. ;)

    Feb 7, 12:19 PM
    February desktop (Tokyo Sky Tree as of late 2010):

    יום חמישי, 19 במאי 2011

    Asterix Et Obelix

    Asterix Et Obelix. e-Comic Books.
  • e-Comic Books.

  • bpaluzzi
    Apr 21, 04:06 PM
    You are missing it arn't you. When people do a graph to compare smart phone OSs they do not take the graph and account tablets, MP3 players or tvs they only count the items that are sold as phones.

    I often do see apple users making comparisons to android such as "Androids have worst battery life." which is a broad comparison to it. It is also not true. The Atrix now holds the title as the longest lasting smart phone OS.

    Why would you ever make a comparison like that? That's like comparing "laptop OS" versus "desktop OS". They're the same thing. Doesn't make a difference what device it's on, it's still the same OS. Is is that tough for you to understand?

    Give me ONE compelling reason why you would ever compare just the phones segment.

    Asterix Et Obelix. Asterix et Obélix
  • Asterix et Obélix

  • aross99
    Mar 4, 09:43 AM
    No light sounds like it isn't getting any power. Are you sure it is plugged in to the power at the wall?

    Have you tried another cable or USB port?

    Does it make any noise at all? Can you hear the drive spinning up, or is there any clicking noise, etc?

    Asterix Et Obelix. Gallery
  • Gallery

  • deannnnn
    May 1, 04:40 PM
    @mac.com for life.

    Asterix Et Obelix. Astérix et Obélix : Mission
  • Astérix et Obélix : Mission

  • quagmire
    May 5, 10:44 PM
    What kind of BMW do you recommend for a young bachelor business guy in a popular downtown location? I was thinking about the 3 series.

    335d because the diesel is awesome. :)

    Asterix Et Obelix. de Astérix et Obélix XXL 2
  • de Astérix et Obélix XXL 2

  • dXTC
    Apr 7, 02:27 PM
    Best sit in arcade game ever !!!!

    I must admit that the sit-in version did give that in-the-X-Wing-cockpit feeling. My favorite sit-in, though, was Omega Race.

    By the way, InuNacho, yes, the original sounds for Yar's Revenge left a lot to be desired. However, Yar's Revenge was IMHO the best original (i.e. not adapted from an arcade version) Atari 2600 sci-fi game in terms of gameplay.

    ...Debate, anyone?

    Asterix Et Obelix. C#39;est vrai, Astérix et son
  • C#39;est vrai, Astérix et son

  • BuiltforSin
    Sep 9, 03:33 PM
    ^^ I like it.

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  • Asterix et Obélix XXL 2

  • steeler
    Jun 18, 02:07 PM

    Asterix Et Obelix. [Asterix et Obelix Contra
  • [Asterix et Obelix Contra

  • Ace 7
    Aug 3, 06:58 PM
    Loved the film, and felt it was time for a change.


    Our desktops were scarily similiar. My dock is basically identical but it's on auto-hide. xp

    Asterix Et Obelix. Asterix et Obelix contre Cesar
  • Asterix et Obelix contre Cesar

  • r0n1n
    Apr 13, 11:27 PM
    Here's mine. :)

    Asterix Et Obelix. Astérix et Obélix
  • Astérix et Obélix

  • Hls811
    Feb 26, 04:02 PM
    Not sure if anyone has a 16GB iPhone they'd like to trade for a 32GB Touch, but if so - let me know.. I'm interested!

    I would return the iPT but its just over 14 days (I got it on 2/9). I've got the box and everything inside. (all unopened!). Its been wrapped in a "bestskinever" since the moment it came out of the box.

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  • Stratification
    Apr 15, 02:31 PM
    Out for a photoshoot yesterday.

    Asterix Et Obelix. KL60 ASTERIX AND OBELIX VS

  • Eidorian
    Nov 29, 01:03 PM
    Yes I have seen it and now it has been pointed out it is quite funny :DI'm glad we can agree on that humor. :D

    Asterix Et Obelix. Astérix et Obélix
  • Astérix et Obélix

  • Mac7
    Sep 1, 02:03 PM

    Asterix Et Obelix. Asterix And Obelix
  • Asterix And Obelix

  • 173080
    Jan 23, 10:20 PM
    It's the people who are lead footed that don't see the full potential of the car.

    I'd say it's the other way around, it really depends on your perspective.

    It's the hypermilers that don't see the full potential of their car. ;)

    If you don't redline your car at least once a day, you're doing it wrong.:D

    Asterix Et Obelix. Astérix et Obélix
  • Astérix et Obélix

  • matt90036
    Apr 28, 07:22 PM
    I say, let them sue each other into oblivion!!!

    Asterix Et Obelix. Caesar (Astérix et Obélix
  • Caesar (Astérix et Obélix

  • 1macker1
    Apr 13, 07:24 AM
    Has firefox been released for Macs. Not in Beta form, but a offical release. Like for Windows.

    Asterix Et Obelix. Atérix et Obélix manque
  • Atérix et Obélix manque

  • iGary
    Sep 24, 06:54 PM
    At this point I would tell him to just be safe and promise to use a condom.

    You may not be happy with it but in the end he is going to go through with it anyway. Just telling him to be safe is the best you can do at this point.

    If she was sleeping at your place I would to what my parents told us when I was living there. They said you can sleep together but please try not to have sex. Even though they both knew we were sexually active. We still did every once in a while but seldom and kept it very low key as to "not get caught".

    Later when I was older I asked them about it and told them we did (this is years later and my parents are really cool). They told me the figured we would anyway. They just said it so that we wouldn't make it obvious. I believe their words contained the phrase "ignorance is bliss".


    I was thirty and I bought over my now "husband" to my folks house and we slept in the same room. No sex, mind you, we were respectful of their home, but they did, of couse freak out after we left.


    Asterix Et Obelix. Titles: Astérix et Obélix
  • Titles: Astérix et Obélix

  • Applejuiced
    Apr 26, 09:25 PM
    No, beeing synced/registered using a Mac or another computer has nothing to do with it.
    It should be recognized anywhere as long as you have the latest itunes version installed.

    Asterix Et Obelix. Astérix et Obélix contre César
  • Astérix et Obélix contre César

  • nevir
    Oct 5, 11:36 PM
    just watch this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMCxRl0NzqM), or any of the other related videos there

    Jan 9, 05:59 PM
    I've been reading a number of comments from a variety of sources since the iPhone runs OSX it is a pocket-size Mac. Applications, Widgets etc will all be written for this device which will all be OSX compatible.

    Laptops and desktops, iLife etc. will all be announced in good time. However the iPhone is a revolutionary device. So much so that RIMM and Palm both fell today on the stock market. The iPhone, like the original iPod, have established a new standard.

    May 5, 12:16 AM
    I haven't tried it yet, I wanted to ask first so that I wouldn't spend a day downloading it just to find it wont work.

    But it looks like i'll just have to try it.

    Jun 22, 04:19 PM
    Whooa, never mind. This only accounts for AT&T stores. Apple stores will have walk-in sales on Thursday

    Mar 3, 02:26 PM
    If the top 50% are declaring earnings equivalent to 88% of the total, it seems entirely proportionate that they should be paying 95% of the total tax. Their true earnings are probably vastly more in percentage terms, anyway.

    Fivepoint's argument is akin to complaining that the slaves weren't paying their fair share of the taxes, and the plantation owners were paying far too much.

    The top earners have almost all of the wealth in this country, they should be paying almost all of the taxes. If they were paying too much, wouldn't the wealth disparity be shrinking?

    Nov 19, 12:49 PM
    Doubtful since their warranty does not transfer to a second hand buyer. If I were to buy an iPod and then sell it on ebay a few weeks later the new owner would not be covered.

    That is where Apple COULD screw anyone buying iPads from TJ Maxx, if they wanted to. Since TJM isn't an authorized retailer, and if they are buying from a 3rd party (who, presumably IS an authorized retailer), TJ Maxx becomes the 1st owner of the product (no different than when an individual purchases from an authorized retailer). But Apple typically honors warranties even when it's not under the original purchaser, as I know I've sold an iPod touch to a friend and he's had it warranty replaced twice already. But then again, he's always said he was me when taking it to the Genius Bar, as it pulls up my info since it's registered to me. But I doubt Apple would do any of this (invalidating the warranties) due to the bad press they'd get.