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  • Nameci
    Apr 16, 05:26 AM
    yes, i am running it both in my dual processor 1.42 G4 and Powerbook...

    Cortex Of Bone. Bone Cortex
  • Bone Cortex

  • psychometry
    Oct 5, 05:00 PM
    This is my first post. It takes a lot for me to stop being a lurker, but the idea that any user can resize a textarea on a site I design, dynamically redrawing the page, is among the dumbest ideas I've ever heard. This will break valid page layouts in new and unheard of ways. Designers make form elements a size and shape for a reason.

    I look forward to finding a way using JavaScript to disable that feature the day that browser is released.

    Cortex Of Bone. and cortex bone started to
  • and cortex bone started to

  • mac2x
    Dec 4, 04:20 AM
    Going stock for December. :D

    Redwoods on 24" display and earth on the MBP display.

    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11156762/Screen%20shot%202010-12-04%20at%203.17.53%20AM.png http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11156762/Screen%20shot%202010-12-04%20at%203.17.53%20AM%20%282%29.png

    Also switched to the 2D Dock, and really liking the change. :)

    Cortex Of Bone. screw,cortex screw 4.one
  • screw,cortex screw 4.one

  • pchan0
    Apr 25, 02:10 PM
    I know, or knew, a few people holding off on the white iPhone 4. But people may hold off until the iPhone 5

    the white iPhone 4 has to at least be faster or have a better camera or something. It cant just be the same phone from a year ago

    ^LOL, yah, people are holding off until the iPhone 8.

    Yes, the white iPhone 4 will be the same phone from a year ago, what makes you think it will be better specs?

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  • Bone marrow is located in the

  • knew2mack
    Apr 29, 06:33 PM
    I am trying to attach a photo to an email and all of a sudden, the window is too big and I am unable to make it smaller OR choose the pic. I am able to get the photo but on the bottom, where it says cancel or 'choose' or is it 'open', I can't see that part.

    I know this is super easy n whoever is reading this is probably giggling to themselves, 'this girl hasn't learned a damn thing'.....I'm trying folks, I'm trying.

    I appreciate your help, as always!!


    Cortex Of Bone. through the one cortex.
  • through the one cortex.

  • TMay
    Nov 11, 10:33 AM
    Given the length of the original message and the terseness of Jobs' reply, it suggests that either he doesn't give a crap, or the iPad's virtual keyboard is a bit pants to type on.

    All of his email responses are terse. Verbose is a bad thing if you are an executive, and frankly, people should strive for terse in business anyway.

    Reminds me of an anecdote that I read of Tim Cook. In a meeting of Apple managers, he explained that there was a problem in one of the Chinese assemblies houses. A few minutes later, he looked at the engineer/manager and asked "Why are you still here?".

    Cortex Of Bone. narrow cortex containing lamellar one. All figures are of transverse sections. Scale bars equal 300 μm.
  • narrow cortex containing lamellar one. All figures are of transverse sections. Scale bars equal 300 μm.

  • Mord
    Feb 22, 06:33 PM
    i think my record for a day would be about 20-30.

    that summer sucked, twon months of mediocre weather and xbox live :(.

    i just remembered for a long time when i was a n00bie here i thought that all demi god's were moderators :o strange when i look back :), i'll be contributing as soon as the system is fixed, i want my mug god damn it.

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  • one 1-12 kids table times

  • writemikep
    Apr 7, 12:14 PM
    Some of the customer reviews on the iTunes download page are very critical of the controls for some games. Not sure how well they've ported these to the touch screen interface....

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  • expansion of one by a

  • nsshah85
    Apr 27, 04:15 PM
    Maybe the reason they didn't bring it up was because they are working on a new feature (ie new maps or turn by turn gps built into the next iOS; they did mention it was to collect data for something like that), but now that the media has blown it out of proportion, they had to come out and address it. At least, that's what I'm assuming Apple's point of view was.

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  • Ground Compact Bone In

  • gr8whtd0pe
    Feb 16, 09:18 AM
    No ass and ugly legs? Terrible! :(

    Ill agree with you man. :cool:

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  • ones cortex specimens,

  • twoodcc
    Jan 26, 05:25 PM
    Hmmm, twoodcc, you're just behind me as the # 17 contributor of our team... Don't think that will last long. There goes my #10 spot in a couple of days :(

    well you never know. just keep it up! you'll get there!

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  • one formation and

  • LagunaSol
    Apr 28, 12:27 PM
    What, did Apple think that Verizon customers would warmly welcome someone who shunned them for 4 years? The customer is most important, shouldn'thave signed that exclusive contract with AT&T... relly stunted their growth in the CDMA market, people move on too...

    If Apple had not signed that exclusive contract with AT&T, there would be no iPhone as we know it. Nor would there be Android as we know it. AT&T was the carrier willing to cede device control to Apple, which was a real game-changer. They required exclusivity to do it.

    Android fans should be thanking Apple for that partnership, because not only did it make their own OS possible, but it also gave their OS a growth opportunity while Apple was tied down with AT&T.

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  • --one expansion

  • danielwsmithee
    Nov 29, 01:03 PM
    Yeah, I don't care one way or the other. At my parents' house, five iPods are fed from a single computer. But only one of these is even capable of playing video. And how often are people watching full-length movies on iPods? Other than maybe traveling, they'll watch on the iTV or on the computer itself.

    On the other hand, it would add an unnecessary complication to things.Could this be more of an issue with the impending introduction of iTV. I could just see a college dorm where one guys iTunes movies could be played simultaneously on hundreds of iTVs Maybe a long shot.

    Cortex Of Bone. --thickened cortex (less
  • --thickened cortex (less

  • Doctor Q
    Aug 19, 12:53 PM
    Just imagine if your screensaver did that in full resolution!

    Cortex Of Bone. of the superior cortex.
  • of the superior cortex.

  • 666sheep
    Apr 10, 03:14 AM
    should have searched first! Seems you need a PC to flash the card. I've only got 3 macs so thats out. I'll have to buy a pre flashed card if I want improvements

    You didn't search deep enough ;) ATI cards can be flashed on a Mac using VNC and Graphicaccelerator. It's easy. Search for "flashing 9800 using VNC" on cubeowner.com for details.

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  • Bone marrow is located in the

  • ericmutrie
    Oct 20, 07:34 AM
    I've been following this thread while I anxiously await the new webmail too, and this morning I saw something in Future Shop's flyer that I figured the rest of the (Canadian) dotmac community would be interested in: it's on sale until the 26th for only $69.99 (Cdn). I just bought my renewal code off of eBay for $70ish US, and this is even cheaper than that! If any of you have a renewal coming up, this is a pretty incredible deal.

    Cortex Of Bone. J Bone Joint Surg 50A 784 800,
  • J Bone Joint Surg 50A 784 800,

  • Michaelgtrusa
    Feb 21, 10:25 PM

    Cortex Of Bone. ends of the one and
  • ends of the one and

  • MacBytes
    Jun 24, 04:40 PM
    http://www.macbytes.com/images/bytessig.gif (http://www.macbytes.com)

    Category: Apple Hardware
    Link: iPad: Apple reaches 3 Million (http://www.macbytes.com/link.php?sid=20100624174055)
    Description:: none

    Posted on MacBytes.com (http://www.macbytes.com)
    Approved by Mudbug

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  • Paul Graham
    Feb 3, 05:54 PM
    in what way?

    Dock - Different style etc.
    Taskbar ( If thats what its called on a mac? ) - Colour/transparency.

    And thanks for the help on the screen capture ;)

    Aug 19, 11:19 PM

    I figured it would be interesting to see what everyone is into reading lately. And your eBook collection in general might be interesting. Feel free to jump in and share!

    Apr 8, 05:55 PM
    Nothing special this month.

    Apr 25, 06:06 AM
    Your Missing the point, it is a complete waste for apple to release this phone in this color.

    #1 - it has taken them almost a year to work out the paint issues with this thing meaning that they have been putting R&D money effertlessly into a phone color, all for what?

    #2 - If you are the few that dont have a cover of a "bumper" for your phone, then you will get to show off your cool new white phone which will take on every scratch and every dirt stain you can imagine.

    #3 - If they have worked so long and hard on this new color, to mass produce it and ship it all over the world, just before they are going to release a new product, within 6 months (approximately) dont you think they would just for go the ip4 white and just apply it to the IP5 and get prepared for that?

    #4 - WHO CARES, who literally waited this long for the white Iphone? honestly who in their right minds would have held out to wait for this phone. If someone was going to get an Iphone I dont think the lack of color selection was a deterrent.

    What a waste of money, time and hype... this is honestly one of the worst ideas apple has had, or do they actually just have so much money they can afford a huge bill for a product that was either going to be purchased or not regardless of the color.

    urgh, worst post i have read on here for a while.

    Apple aren't losing anything by offering a choice to the customer. It's still the same phone and costs the same. Not sure why you are saying its a complete waste. People will still buy it.

    Also, remember Apple will be selling the iPhone 4 for another year at least alongside the iPhone 5. Its not like the iPhone 4 is going to disappear from the shelves as soon as the iPhone 5 releases.

    You do know scratches are less visible on white also. It is the same glass as the black iPhone so im not sure what you are getting at with the stain remark.

    Dec 17, 04:40 PM
    Eminem is ok. Got his greatest hits (curtain call). Wouldn't want any more.

    Aug 16, 09:04 PM
    Here is my Avatar - Vote for this one! :)




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