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  • Mariusz1977
    May 2, 10:27 PM
    What's in it for me? Seriously, the owner of Macrumors makes $100K plus off this site (so much that he quit his job AS A DOCTOR.) Why should I give blood just to glorify the name of his website & make him richer?

    What's in it for me?

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  • Sopranino
    Sep 27, 10:04 AM
    I've been a very satisfied customer of .Mac since its inception. I receive zero spam e-mails and I am delighted with the ability to create aliases. On top of that there is no advertising at all. I also have a couple of other web-mail accounts and they get zillions of spam messages even with their respective anti-spam filters turned on. I think that this update adds a little bit more polish on an already decent offering. I do agree with a previous poster that the iCal integration needs some work.


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  • DeathChill
    Apr 21, 11:07 PM
    Since we're talking about an underlying OS here, I assume they remembered to include the Linux user base as well... including dumb terminals, kiosks, and servers, right? ;)

    Seriously, Facebook runs off of a modified version of the Android OS. Lets not forget to include the 100 million users of Facebook.

    Slightly off topic, does anyone think this site can get anymore pro-apple biased?

    The amount that you're reaching is insane and impressive. I quite enjoy it.

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  • aurichie
    Apr 20, 06:05 PM
    We're winning! We're really winning this time!

    Suck on these :apple: :apple: :apple: :apple: fandroids.

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  • Macaddicttt
    Sep 24, 05:36 PM
    I can't really give any advice here because if I were you, I wouldn't have been okay with him having sex to begin with...

    I guess the question is this: Are you okay with the fact that your son is having sex? If the answer is yes, then fine, he can sleep over at his girlfriend's. If the answer is no, then no he cannot go, but you should also be having a discussion with your son about how you feel about the subject.

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  • Thedeathbear
    May 1, 11:31 AM
    I'd love to know too

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  • icedd
    Aug 5, 02:11 PM
    http://img690.imageshack.us/img690/6057/23340675.png (http://intricedd.deviantart.com/art/DESKTOP-XI-174122022)


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  • Moyank24
    Apr 26, 11:32 PM
    Dude....are you serious?

    Has your hypothalamus been damaged?

    Yes, it's been damaged by the Bible. Remember, he is one of those that think homosexuality is detestable. He would never admit to knowing anything about lesbian porn...

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  • alent1234
    Apr 13, 10:39 AM
    The iPhone 4 is a perfectly fine device. In many ways its still ahead of the competition. Take the outstanding battery life, awesome software integration and the beautiful Retina display- to me those are three big features no other competitor has matched.

    Apple could do nothing for the next year and still have a phone that can be compared favorably with every phone on the market. Manufacturers are trying to compete with the iPhone by producing larger screens and misc. features not many will use- i.e. mini hdmi ports on phones, etc. They lose focus of the overall user experience- Apple has this down pat.

    Apple is essentially a failure of its own success.

    you forgot cost

    you can "buy" an android phone with iphone 4 like internals and a 4" screen for $50. sometimes less. the thunderbolt just went on sale for $50.

    iphone 4 is $300 after you factor in activation and tax

    for a lot of people that's a big turn off

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  • nosen
    Sep 26, 09:18 PM
    Apple is using boobs to sell e-mail! Pass it on!
    meh, I'm ok with it.... :cool:

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  • seanmcbay
    Oct 9, 03:13 PM
    Can someone please tell me if Tweetie 2 retains the Ping.fm support from Tweetie 1?

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  • filmantopia
    Mar 31, 01:08 PM
    As a professional photographer this thing is (and always will be) an "App Store" toy - nothing more.

    The iPad will never have the horse power to do what pros need.

    So true. I will also stand with you that humanity has reached its technological peak, and there is nothing left to be invented. All we have to do now is lean back and smile at our incredible achievements.

    Those fools who waste their time using their imaginations... Better to just appreciate all that currently exists and discourage others who try to imagine better possibilities. Amiright?

    Sure, in the 80s we were the ones that said the personal computer, upon its release, was nothing more than a toy, despite it absurd popularity. So, okay, we were wrong then, but I assure you, not this time! Not this time!!

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  • Moyank24
    Apr 26, 11:32 PM
    Dude....are you serious?

    Has your hypothalamus been damaged?

    Yes, it's been damaged by the Bible. Remember, he is one of those that think homosexuality is detestable. He would never admit to knowing anything about lesbian porn...

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  • princealfie
    Nov 30, 08:45 AM
    Oh, well boo-hoo that it costs $100m to make a peice of crap movie. Some of the best films of the last ten years have been smaller, independent productions with budgets less than $20m. So, how about you all stop wasting your money and focus on story and character rather than big marketing campaigns to convince people that there's anything at all redeeming about the over-hyped ************ you release.

    And on that tip, think about this big studios: If you're getting $8-$12 in sheer profit for a movie download, there's a good chance this money is coming from someone who may not have paid at all, as people who currently steal movies from the internet, already download them. There's an incentive there to get something high quality and that is cheaper than buying the retail boxed product.

    Also, I don't have the numbers in front of me, but you big studios are actually cutting out one of the middle-men in partnering with apple, as Apple becomes both distributor and retailer. Right? So, less mark-ups for other people - no packaging, shipping costs, no big displays for online downloads. That's going to save you money too.

    So, basically, stop whining.

    Michael Winterbottom's Tristram Shandy... yeahhhhhhhhhhh.

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  • RCharel
    Apr 4, 11:37 AM
    Why not sell daily copies of the FT if they don’t want to sell subscriptions through Apple. Does Apple allow this?
    That would make the App the equivalent of the news stand with the additional advantage of immediate availability of to-day’s edition to-day wherever the reader is in the world. The price could be very competitive with a news stand price and the FT would not have any info on this reader in any case.

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  • MikeTheC
    Nov 29, 09:25 PM
    The cries of the entertainment industry fall on pretty deaf ears in my house.

    Yes, I understand that Universal, Disney, et al, are businesses and survive by making money, but let's not loose sight of one very important fact:

    It's entertainment. It is not necessary to the functioning of our country, culture, or lives.

    Food is. But look how little farmers get paid.

    Medical care is. But look how so much of the money we (or insurance companies on our behalf) pay actually goes to a facilities' or a doctor's malpractice insurance, not to them.

    Education is. But look how poorly-prioritized education is in this country.

    Work experience is, as a function of how it impacts one's ability to function competently and thereby either retain a job or to acquire a better one. But it's treated just as poorly as education.

    Entertainment is NOT. As a consequence, I don't plan for, nor do I budget for, any kind of entertainment concern.

    IF, and ONLY IF, there's a movie out that I really want to see, will I go to the theater to see it. And on average I probably go to a theater once a year.

    The very notion of licensing when it comes to anything other than a business deal or proposition is disgusting to me. I am not against the principle of intellectual property, but I abhor how the concept is realized in our society.

    I own probably something like 10 movies' worth of DVDs, and maybe 5 TV series' worth of DVDs. I think the last DVD I bought was The Incredibles, and that was to show my support for something I found to be superbly entertaining, and have watched multiple times.

    Most of the movies that I've acquired by "other means" I've pitched after watching them because, upwards of 80% of those instances of acquisition were instances of the acquisition of crap. So regardless of whatever legal status those materials may have been presumed to possess by others, I no longer have them because, for free or for a fee, I don't want 'em.

    The number of times I feel like Bartleby The Scrivener (that is, the character Bartleby) on a regular basis is increasing, and that's due to the fact that I perceive society to be further and further askew from what I personally accept or agree with.

    And speaking of HDCP and other DRM, DMCA, etc...

    I refuse to accept any of that. I also refuse to accept that I'm either going to have to buy some sort of an adaptor, or buy a new TV, just for the "pleasure" of (what is for me) the infrequent habit of actually watching TV. Yes, I fully realize that means that, at some point, I'll turn on the TV and all I'll get is snow because there are no longer any broadcast standards that my living room TV is compatible with. And you know what I'll do when that day comes? I'll go ahead and cancel my minimum-basic-TV (approx. $13/month) service, leaving only cable modem service. I'm absolutely serious about this.

    Perhaps if more people were like me, we could affect some kind of change in the broadcast industry and in Hollywierd, but any kind of "coming together for common good over common consensus" is incredibly arduous at best, and impossible at worst.

    Besides, when it comes to myself and a significant other, I can absolutely find a whole lot of other things to do than simply sit down and watch the boob tube.

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  • Westside guy
    Nov 11, 01:54 PM
    I came across Launchbar when I was looking for a replacement to the quick-launcher I used to have in my Gnome panel (under Linux). This was a little box that you'd type a command in and it'd run - not quite as cool as Launchbar, but actually more flexible because you could type a one-line perl script etc. in addition to command names.

    Then someone mentioned Quicksilver and I tried that. Quicksilver seems to be faster that Launchbar when it comes to indexing etc.

    But the question is, will Quicksilver stay free? Maybe I'm just blind, but I haven't seen anything (and I've looked) that says Quicksilver is going to be a free app. Right now it's just in beta, and often beta means "free for now, until we get the quirks worked out".

    Can anyone shed light on this for me? :confused:

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  • simsaladimbamba
    Feb 1, 06:21 AM
    Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3964)
    or http://www.dragonone.com/products/macosx/pleasesleep/

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  • na1577
    Apr 17, 01:45 PM
    Screenshots (hovering over it causes a video with sound to play automatically):

    Links to:

    Feb 15, 04:01 AM
    http://img163.imagevenue.com/loc457/th_53032_Screenshot2011_02_15at1.50.26AM_122_457lo.jpg (http://img163.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=53032_Screenshot2011_02_15at1.50.26AM_122_457lo.jpg)
    Red for Valentine's Day
    can you please give me the link to your original wallpaper :D? thank you :)

    Feb 19, 01:55 PM
    and sold.

    Apr 7, 07:44 AM
    12 pb per storage unit maybe.

    while it seems to be a mindbogling amount of data- it does not seem like a lot for datacenter storage.

    it will fill about 24 datacenter cabinets - the giganormous thing apple is building on the east coast should be able to host 1000's of such cabinets.

    to put it in perspective - some netbook vendors provide 250 gb of online storage with the purchase of their kit. if 40000 users fill up their allotted space with photos, videos documents etc , that will fill up 10 PB of storage. now consider there are 2.5 million ipads out there.... if mobileme users start using 100Gb a piece of online storage to store videos of their dog playing in the park etc. in the cloud, that is 250 million GB or 250 PB of data. so unless i am reading this wrong 12 PB doesnt seem to cut it.

    Doctor Q
    Apr 21, 01:24 PM
    The problem should be fixed now.

    Apr 17, 04:57 PM
    Post some screenshots of some new features/easter eggs from Mac OSX Lion here!

    My DP has been screwing around with Safari and for some reason I can't attach any of my screenshots, so I can't put any up� yet.

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