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  • Much Ado
    Jan 10, 10:42 AM
    Bah Humbug to all the unbelievers!

    Apple know Vista's been coming for years, so they'll have Leopard ready. They've been working on the iPhone since before Tiger, so it's not like their R+D is suddenly going to drop in Mac development.

    All of this 'what about the Mac' stuff is a little harsh. If Steve's got an Octo-Core Mac Pro coming in a few weeks, then he's not going to say so now.

    Also, if Leopard isn't ready yet, and will be out in a few months, then not mentioning it is an awesome mind game. Bill gates was propbrably watching going "Uh...but- Vista and, err... what?"

    Just have faith.

    If nothing's changed in three months then quote me and pelt me with rotten fruit.


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  • hockeyhammer
    Feb 9, 06:58 AM
    Hey guys, n00b question here: I recently bought iFlat4 HD for my fourth gen iPod Touch. It's an amazing theme and I love it, but I just saw iFlat 2 HD on Themeit. Just wanted to know witch ones newer and better and what the differences are. Another thing is when I applied iFlat4 the Camera, Maps and Photos icons stayed stock, any way to fix this?

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  • aegisdesign
    Oct 6, 05:24 AM
    That's why we use style tags to set a default font (yes, even in text areas) or fixed margins. If the W3 gives us the tools, then why should the browser render them void? That just makes no sense.

    Safari is implementing a CSS3 feature with resizeable text areas. Apart from that, if your site design relies on fixed font sizes and text area sizes, they'll just break when the user Command-+/-'s the page. It will only break your site design if your site design is badly designed in the first place.

    If you're worried about text areas overflowing other page elements then you can still use max-width and max-height to restrict growth and/or the overflow attribute so that scroll bars get introduced.

    As one person pointed out in this thread, see the two arrows up ad down on the first line of the toolbar in this very textarea you type in to. It's very useful with long posts. That's why expandable text areas are a good idea.

    It's actually not hard to do either. Look at http://www.aegisdesign.co.uk/examples/textarea/textexample.html and view the source for a simple example.

    I'd disagree that designers should be making text areas 100% wide though. I've a 2560 wide screen. That'd be silly. Letting users on the other hand size it themselves and giving designers the tools to accommodate resizing is the way to go.

    That's the most ridiculous statement I've read in this thread so far - and there are quite a few.

    It's called the 'semantic web'. You may want to look it up. Decent web designers have been designing this way for some time where they can and the W3 want everyone to go this way.

    The problem is of course with any of these new W3 features is that Microsoft have barely reached the basics in the CSS 2.1 standard yet in IE7. The chances of them supporting CSS3 anytime soon are slim. That means we'll still as designers have to support the older standards and only enlightened Firefox/Safari based designers will add on CSS3 based features should they prove compatible with IE7 and even IE6.

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  • Hildron101010
    Mar 23, 11:55 AM
    Haha, the caption for the picture is wrong. It says he is demoing Lion, but he's really showing Snow Leopard.

    Now they fixed it.

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  • inkswamp
    Mar 31, 02:57 PM
    Wow! Impressive work from Adobe. :eek:

    You know, I was around in the mid-80s when the mouse and GUI first hit the market, and I recall the bickering amongst my fellow computer geeks about whether one could do real work with these new "toy" computers (which didn't phase me as I was also interested in desktop publishing and could sense where it was going.) Back then, there were merits to both sides of that debate, but over time, it's become clear that the mouse+GUI was far more powerful and flexible than at first perceived by the geek crowd.

    I'm starting to see a lot of parallels between the touch interface devices and those days in the 80s. Every time I see/hear some geek declare the iPad a toy and useless for real work, I just think back to those days when my geek friends sneered at the Macs with the silly mouse and pretty GUI and wonder if history is repeating itself.

    And then I see things like what Adobe is doing and I know it for a fact. We're seeing another revolution in computing happen, but most people won't acknowledge it for many years, until it's beyond obvious.

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  • whatever
    Nov 20, 02:15 PM
    Wow, that is one nasty Danish mockup. I hope it won't look like that.:eek:

    Here's actually a nice touchscreen iPhone mockup:
    I've been in many debates with people about the iPhone and I've always been on the side that Apple just shouldn't do one. Everyone always says that it would sell like hot-cakes because it would be an Apple phone, but my stance has always been that it would have to run on a particular carrier.

    But lately I've been thinking about this and what if Apple bucked the system a little. They made a phone which connected directly to your computer and you downloaded the correct carrier setting to. So if you used Verizon, all you had to do is in setup select Verizon or Sprint....

    I feel that one of the big problems with mobile phones is the computer connectivity has always been an afterthought, mainly because they're not computer companies. But what if Apple created a new iApp which managed the phone (ran on both Windows and OS X), which made the connectivity easy. This is basically what happened with the iPod.

    Would the carriers care that a generic iPhone ran on their network, maybe the stupid ones, but in the long they're lives would be easier, because they wouldn't have to market the phones, just their service (which is where they really make their money).

    I also like the idea of using the click wheel to make a retro style digital-rotary phone. However, I doubt Apple would just display the numbers on the screen and not on the unit. So when in dial mode, you would spin the click wheel and the numbers, displayed on the display in a circle, would highlight the number that you were on and then click the center button on the click wheel to select. If you wanted to get really old school, you could have the rotary sounds come through the headphones. Or course you would still be able to dial by your address book or search through a downloaded version of the white or yellow pages (which would naturally sync into your phone whenever you charge it at home, via blue tooth or direct connection to your computer).

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  • iJohnHenry
    Mar 20, 10:32 AM
    No. If you take a life, you get to sit in a small dark room for 23,5 out of 24 hours of each day for the rest of your life. You will not be able to kill yourself, you will have to endure the absolute solitude. (EDIT: This is pretty much only for premeditated stuff, if you ask me)


    A rope, chair and ceiling hook should be provided, on the chance that you don't like the accomodations.

    Even one example of someone being killed by the state for something they did not do invalidates the whole edifice of capital punishment.

    Yes, we've been over this ground before.

    See, you're winning me over. ;)

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  • preguntonontrac
    May 1, 04:31 PM

    Since i finished my huge 80gb collection of music and organize it... I want to have a printable copy of the list of artist, albums and songs i have in my itunes. (Like an inventory list)

    How i can do that?

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  • GGJstudios
    Apr 11, 04:06 PM
    Either way is fine.

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  • WigWag Workshop
    Apr 9, 01:46 PM
    When I get home, I am buying Tempest.:D

    Tempest is my Favorite "old school" game - I have a nice MAME setup, I did purchase the Tempest pack, and it is awesome!

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  • WillEH
    May 2, 05:53 PM
    Fantastic work people, you should all be so proud. I will hopefully be donating next week. :)

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  • crackbookpro
    Apr 13, 12:14 PM
    What percentage of iPhone users are on Verizon (world wide)? Serious question, because I don't see how Verizon getting the iPhone 4 has anything to do with an iPhone 5 release date. I really doubt 4g will be coming with the next iPhone. Everyone seems to think Verizon and its customers have some sort of power over apple. Wasn't an issue for the rest of the world and all the carriers and customers that got iPhones mid-cycle between the 3GS and 4.

    It has everything do with it. You must not know much about variable costs within a business atmosphere. Many variables for sales & production with a release like Apple made in February of 2011. That release could easily have been guided through strategic corporate planning... for LTE... for Verizon... for market saturation & adoption... there are a lot of variables to think about.

    More importantly, why do you think it doesn't? We are talking about LTE, and its adoption throughout a given marketplace.

    In the U.S., 4G is not adopted entirely, and I am talking about true 4G. Verizon will be the first network. Sprint does not have 4G data capabilities, it is a mere marketing ploy - they have WiMax. AT&T will be the network to follow suit behind Verizon with a strong network of LTE. And then, if you get into countries, and their adoption(s) of LTE, then you are even more focused on your marketplace, and all the variable costs within production & sales.

    My 2nd Question to you is - Are you one of the many who thought Verizon would never be getting an iPhone?

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  • twoodcc
    Jan 29, 06:21 PM
    Well that was fun ....
    I am not entirely sure everything is running right, i am doing one work unit every 26 hours on the mac... its the SMP client and its a dual core 2.8ghz .. i get the feeling if i were running it on my bootcamp partion it would be better plus then i could utilize the graphics processer as well

    however i installed ubuntu on the other 3.06ghz pc and well lets say that folding doesn't like it ... so i am now installing open Suse... so far so good ...

    Selected Unit:

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  • fel10
    Dec 26, 02:06 AM
    Merry Christmas everyone. Hope everyone had a nice time. \ Here's all I got for Christmas! Sorry for the pics quality. They were taken with my iPod.

    Rechargeable Backup Battery for my iPod/iPad/Cellphone - Present from BF


    PSP 3000 from my mom :D


    Call Of Duty: Black Ops from BF


    Toy Story 3 Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Copy:D


    Woody Doll from my BF (Yes, I'm a huge Toy Story fan :p)


    Calvin Klein Cologne from a friend


    iTunes gift cards. One from a friend, another from my bf


    PS3 Move from my aunt


    Sweater from a friend


    The Office Season 2 from bf and Season 6 from my friend


    All Shrek movies in Blu Ray from my uncle


    This blanket from a friend (OMG, this is the most comfortable blanket in the world)


    This box of chocolates from my friend (love them)


    This wine bottle from a friend (my favorite)


    And this AXE bag from my brother with a bunch of AXE products in it


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  • Queen of Spades
    Dec 2, 02:24 AM
    Where's the holiday spirit, everyone? :D


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  • Dunkm1n
    Oct 15, 10:21 PM
    Gotta keep it true to Apple.

    http://img39.imageshack.us/img39/1580/picture1azp.th.png (http://img39.imageshack.us/i/picture1azp.png/)

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  • BoyBach
    Nov 29, 12:33 PM
    The studios want Apple to limit the number of iPods that the downloads can be played on. Do they not realise that the entire point of the iTunes Store is to drive sales of the highly profitable iPods? I cannot see Apple agreeing.

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  • Rot'nApple
    Mar 23, 01:09 PM
    Ocular prosthesis/glass eye/artificial eye

    They all have the same meaning.



    Sigh... Another post shot to Hell. I hate when the subtle implied meaning is missed for something far less obvious.

    Saying that someone is "seeing through rose-colored glasses" means that they are an optimist, only seeing the good and neglecting to notice the bad. (The opposite type of person, a pessimist, is symbolised by the color grey). (http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rose_(color))

    Glass eye, eye glasses, lens, rose colored, rose colored glasses...

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  • dalvin200
    Oct 13, 07:45 AM
    totally agree with you here mate!

    I'd rather pay and get upgrades than have the developer abandon the app because it isn't profitable to do anymore free updates. What should Loren do when everyone that will buy Tweetie already has it? Develop updates out of the goodness of his heart?

    The app store has a problem, and that's the amount of crap and cheapness of that crap. It drives the price of everything down. Factor in that ALL upgrades are free and you have a major problem for devs. You can sell an app once to each user, at next to nothing cost, and that's all you get. Yes, initially it's good when you're selling 100K apps a week but what happens when everyone's bought your app? The app store has a sustainability problem, and it will soon rear it's ugly head.

    Compare it to desktop software where even the most basic apps cost $10+ and all upgrades are paid.

    I'm quite happy to pay Loren �1.79 every 8-12 months for his work on Tweetie because frankly it's amazing and �1.79 is pretty much nothing.

    The problem with most whambulance drivers such as yourself is pretty much the same problem with society at large. You only care about yourself and what you can get for yourself regardless if it's at the expense of others. You have no social responsibility. People's inability to look past their own nose and care about others is really quite pathetic. You don't care if Loren gets paid for his work, or for a sustainable app store. Rather you simply care for how cheaply you can get apps and updates. The self-centredness, the "me me me"-ness of society has become quite a problem IMO.

    Apr 29, 12:01 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Delete the app and redownload

    Aug 8, 08:19 PM
    How do I find my primary and secondary IP address?

    Trying to still fix my strict NAT.

    Found this video for fixing it on the airport extreme


    Ice Dragon
    Sep 18, 11:06 PM
    A friend of mine brought up that early in her youth, she played a game for Mac on a floppy disk called Jenny's Journeys. Has anyone else heard of this? Do you know where to buy/download it?

    Feb 2, 08:27 AM
    Link (http://architecture.desktopnexus.com/wallpaper/577432/)

    this is awesome, what's the modification... luv the icon and bottom info display...

    Apr 8, 09:46 AM
    Is track and field included? I remember breaking many joysticks, and destroying the palm of my right hand playing that one.

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