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  • Dreadnought
    Feb 8, 05:02 PM
    Thanks. Put my offer in on one so hopefully it gets accepted.

    I'm sitting on 48-9k PPD right now. 950 @ 4ghz and 1750mhz on the shaders of the 460. Not too shabby.

    Updated the Nvidia drivers to 266 and now the GTX 460s are both folding at 15K + each. That's an increase of 3-4k PPD each.

    Guess I'll be overtaken in the next couple of days... On the other hand, I just noted that your output is less then a couple of day ago. So it will take another week before you overtake me! :p

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  • ShiftClick
    Nov 11, 03:32 PM
    For feature films? I call BS! Maybe for independent "features" and even that is debatable.

    The 8 major network shows that have post at my workplace 1 FCP, 1 Avid on Windows, 6 Avid on Mac.

    I call bs too.

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  • mrblack927
    May 1, 08:18 AM
    My preview in PathFinder shows the text but is still jumbled up. How did you show the converted binary file there?

    I have no idea. That's how it's always been for me. I assume it uses the plist converter from Xcode. What versions are you running? I'm using path finder build 1045, Xcode build 4b33a, and OSX build 11a444d.

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  • stoveguy
    Feb 25, 08:24 PM
    friend is big tech guy. bought wife a MBP on 06/10. she got him a MBP 15"I7 for xmas on 12/10. he bought an ipad on 10/10. today he got a new imac for kitchen. and there are 3 more units floating around house. 1 in home recording studio. 1 in home theater room.

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  • Fgirl
    Mar 21, 09:06 PM
    gosh i can remember not that many years ago.. before i had established clients... rent would be due the next day and i was $100 short... then the phone rings with some new low budget client... i tell ya, those problematic and low-budget clients save the day now and again.

    until you get established and can reliably and predictably pay the bills each month, be careful which projects you walk away from. once you get going, build up a supply of cash-money, enough to get you through a few bad months.

    alot of people here may be established and have good and reliable income, and some may have been substantially profitable from day one, but im sure many of us can remember the early days and the lean days, when you might have taken a client you would never touch nowadays.

    always make certain you can pay the bills each month, sometimes that means you have to deal with a knucklehead, or get paid substantially less than what you want, and if it turns out that you have to do just that, don't think less of yourself for it, the lean days will pass, the good days will come. many of us have been there and back, more than once.

    be honorable, fair, charitable. in your spare time build websites, etc for people/groups who need them. ie, independent homeless shelters for runaway kids. add it to your portfolio if you need to, especially when your starting out.

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  • wct097
    Dec 28, 09:33 AM
    I think all of the talking points have already been fleshed out. Bottom line is that Mac's simply are not an enterprise solution.

    * Can you integrate them into an enterprise network?
    Sure. I can also plug my home router into the network. I'm sure it'd work fine.

    * Can the be your standard?
    Not unless you're a small corp that doesn't use any real business applications. Then again, I wouldn't consider that to be 'Enterprise IT'.

    * Group policy is only needed because Windows machines are insecure.
    Can you honestly believe this if you actually have even the slightest amount of experience in an enterprise IT environment? That's the most ignorant thing I've read all day.

    * Applications are all going to be web-centric.
    Sure, that's the current direction, and from an IT perspective, makes the most sense. That's not a selling point for Macs though, that's a selling point for thin clients. If you want to talk TCO and use web-based applications as the justification, then you have to compare a Mac to a thin client..... and well, the results are obvious.

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  • lewis82
    Oct 1, 12:44 PM
    To fit with the "Fall" theme :)

    Source (http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper_beta/details/2386/the_colors_of_autumn.html)

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  • iphone3gs16gb
    Mar 28, 02:44 PM
    LOL it amazes me how little you guys know about the law. Please report me to the authorities, there is absolutely nothing they can do legally. I even discussed it with my professor who monitored my bar and he got a kick out of it as well haha.

    So please, humor me that I'm not a real law student and don't know what I'm talking about. Sorry Apple geeks your area of expertise obviously isn't the political discourse of America. :P

    Try my other theories too, like entering my home, etc. Seriously, just humor me. (more so than I already am) LOL

    <3 little idiots <3

    I for one, worship you LOLWinner, for you have shown me the way, into successfully selling pictures of iPhones at ridiculous prices :)

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  • dilgit
    Apr 6, 12:31 AM
    Where can I download a DMG file of OS X Lion Build 11A419. I found sites with rar files or torrent files but no DMG file.

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  • Patdt13
    Feb 21, 10:00 AM
    Baseball season!


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  • JustMe74
    May 6, 11:20 AM
    How do I do it?

    I have both an iPod Touch and an iPhone; currently set to sync the music to the iPod and the apps to the iPhone. When my new iMac arrives, how do I move everything over? I have the library consolidated to one folder on my PC.

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  • Thex1138
    Apr 13, 09:52 AM
    Is getting major upgrade in my opinion...

    It's also allowing CDMA to propagate a bit further before next cycle..

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  • zen.state
    Apr 6, 07:10 AM
    power cables have arrived so......

    Would anyone recommend carbon copy cloner to make the switch to a Sata Drive?

    Also once I've cloned the existing HD how do I go about telling the PPC that I want to use the Sata drive as boot drive? is it the startup page in system preferences?

    CCC or Superduper are fine for cloning.

    For startup disk just click on system preferences and click on "Startup Disk" shown circled below. Just select the disk you want to boot from and select restart.


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  • mrpaperknife
    Nov 14, 09:11 PM
    I really liked this one. I've tried many other apps that gather the Album Cover art for iTunes songs/albums but this is the best by far.

    It's called Clutter (http://www.sprote.com/clutter/).

    Launch Clutter when you have iTunes open. As a song is playing, Clutter automatically looks up the album art. Once found, under the File menu select copy to iTunes and BAM, it's there for the WhOLE album. Sweet.

    One note. If it doesn't find the art, just go under the File menu and choose "Find cover in Amazon". Just type in different variations of the artist or song and i'm sure it'll pop up.


    And to think that I spent all that time to manually gather album art! If I had only known! Ugh! :o

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  • wrldwzrd89
    May 1, 09:09 AM
    Oddly enough, I can't get it to appear on Safari but I did get one in Firefox when clicking the Reply button. :o

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  • babybanana
    Jan 7, 09:27 AM

    - posh pens
    - perfume
    - Gumball Machine
    - Feet things
    - Kindle
    - Chocolates.

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  • Reach9
    Mar 23, 10:33 PM
    Sounds intuitively reasonable, do you have any good evidence to support this bold assertion, or just a feeling?

    Trying, trying real hard.

    Wow, just wow. Upon what do you base that assessment?

    Really, what i'm saying is that dressing provocatively is not an invitation for rape. I feel that immature men misinterpret a provocative dress as an invitation. And immature women dress provocatively to get attention.
    If a man is sexually driven to rape then dressing provocatively definitely doesn't help the situation.
    Just my opinion.

    My evidence? common sense through experiences, i've seen this situation enough.

    Okay, what do you think about the Sharia Law?

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  • techfreak85
    Mar 4, 08:59 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; U; Android 2.2.1; en-us; Droid Build/FRG83D) AppleWebKit/533.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile Safari/533.1)

    We had a huge day yesterday! 879,000 points in a single day!
    Can we hit a million points in a day?
    Some more good news: at this rate, we are a week away from overtaking a team ahead of us, and less than a month from passing two more! Our biggest threat behind us is 8 months away, but by that time we will have passed at least 5 teams ahead of us. Great job guys! Keep it up!

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  • bobobenobi
    Apr 7, 08:39 AM
    I wonder how many of these posts are trolls? I haven't had any issues whatsoever with 4.3.1. I also didn't have any problems with 4.3; battery life has been absolutely stellar and call performance actually improved in 4.3.1.

    Battery life was atrocious for me on 4.3, but 4.3.1 completely fixed it. I get the "Call Failed" message sometimes too, but only about 5% of the time.

    Sep 5, 04:30 PM
    That's the default iPad wallpaper? May I have the original?

    Sure you can :D


    Aug 2, 11:10 AM
    Unopened brand new 4GB iPhone.

    $500 shipped. Save yourself the tax.

    long shot but if it doesn't sell by the 17th I'll take it. :)

    Apr 4, 10:17 PM
    OMG I've never seen so many crybabies in my life...Really crying because a business raised prices...Better not go to wal-mart, they have price increases there all the time:eek::eek:

    Oct 9, 03:13 PM
    very nice UI.

    May 5, 10:20 AM
    THink I figured it out. It seems to do with the order of how I put it to sleep/disconect cables.

    If I booted it with the mouse/keyboard and external display, then disconnected the mouse, then keyboard, then external display it works just fine.

    Really weird.

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