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  • maflynn
    Apr 28, 07:01 AM
    You mean people aren't exactly rushing out to buy the iPhone 4, as apple preps the iPhone 5 - shocking.

    Why would apple or verizon be surprised.

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  • PeterQVenkman
    Apr 27, 06:14 PM
    If Apple wasn't doing something creepy for advertising purposes, they were at least thinking about it.


    Google's slogan is what, "Don't be evil?" They don't always succeed. I'd suggest one thing to Apple "Don't be Google."

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  • ashman70
    May 3, 07:38 PM
    How big of a deal performance wise is it that a Mac Pro 1,1 only has PCIE 1.0 slots? Is it a waste to put a newer card in a Mac Pro 1,1 because of this? Will the performance be significantly less? I ask because I am going to be upgrading a Mac Pro 1,1 with quad core CPU's and a 5770 video card.

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  • Dreadnought
    Feb 8, 05:02 PM
    Thanks. Put my offer in on one so hopefully it gets accepted.

    I'm sitting on 48-9k PPD right now. 950 @ 4ghz and 1750mhz on the shaders of the 460. Not too shabby.

    Updated the Nvidia drivers to 266 and now the GTX 460s are both folding at 15K + each. That's an increase of 3-4k PPD each.

    Guess I'll be overtaken in the next couple of days... On the other hand, I just noted that your output is less then a couple of day ago. So it will take another week before you overtake me! :p

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  • evil_santa
    Aug 20, 06:16 PM
    This is called bits of bass.

    This is my favorite fretless bass made by Wal (http://walbasses.homestead.com/index.html) in 1983, I have had it since 1988.

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  • jr24
    Sep 7, 02:36 AM
    Yeah, I asked for it. It's from this site:


    There are lots of good ones there!

    thanks for posting that link! i found a lot of good ones on there and bookmarked it, too. :)


    desktop picture from the link above.

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  • chaseardoin7
    Jan 14, 12:23 PM
    I have not seen it reported on macrumors.com's homepage but apple has posted it on their site.


    chase :apple:

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  • potdog
    May 5, 12:56 PM
    Got my iphone 4 2 weeks ago, everything running perfectly until tonight. While i was listening to a podcast on speakers it suddenly went silent then a few seconds later went back to normal again. Now, the speakers is just intermittently working.

    -audio okay using headset

    any ideas? im thinking it has something to do with the hardware, i tried restarting and it still doesn't work.


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  • freeSia
    Apr 4, 03:56 AM
    hmm interesting..
    im trying it right now!
    still figuring what to do.. :(

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  • kainjow
    Apr 24, 12:18 AM
    Second result in google for "How To Access Battery Information in Cocoa" got me here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/272552/battery-status-in-osx

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  • Melrose
    Sep 9, 01:25 PM
    <Amy Pond snip>

    I find that woman a mite irritating. Nice legs - nice everything - but her mannerisms. Errrg...

    ...and there are way hotter photos of her going around. ;)

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  • imoguy789
    Dec 2, 09:00 PM
    Winter theme!

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  • Benjy91
    Mar 25, 10:57 AM
    Hopefully iOS 5 should be amazing.

    iMaps :D
    All new notification system (Like Androids, but with Apples touch) :)

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  • Dagless
    Sep 26, 12:09 PM
    ooh i forgot another little story of mine.

    me and my girlfriend (we were going out 2 years and 4-5 months at this point) went on holiday with college to Barcelona. we had both just turned 18, me in January my girlfriend just a few days before we left in February. the college said we couldn't share a room! so instead im stuck in a room with this effin arsewipe scally who just got drunk the whole holiday and smoked in the room. what was utterly brilliant was that he actually stole our room card so i couldn't get back in and he went out clubbing with a load of people, with the intention of bringing this girl back to our room. unfortunately he forgot how resourceful i was and i made it seem like i was mugged in the street and they stole my room card. the room card number was changed and i got a new card :D the look on his face when he came back and his card didn't work :D but thats just part of the story.

    thing is we were 18 yet the college said we needed our parents permission to share a room. hell we weren't even having sex back then! we're not having sex now *waiting for the moment like*

    parents and guardians in general need to bloody realize that not every 18 year old is an alcoholic drug taking sex maniac. or every student. but thats another story

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  • Luph67
    Mar 23, 10:50 AM
    Is he the reason OS X has such bad opengl support?

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  • jeffy.dee-lux
    Jan 10, 08:18 PM
    New Passat, new Jetta... they've obviously established a strong family resemblance, but I think it's taken "conservative good looks" way too far, to the point that these two cars are just too bland. I could change my opinion when I see them in person, but so far I'm not very impressed.

    At least it's more of an effort than the "new" Civic concepts! Holy crap, Honda - what's happened? That Civic was space-age in terms of design when it first came out back in 2005 or so, it was very cool! Now we get this concept that looks like it could've been at SEMA back in 2006. When you tone down the "concept" aspect of this showcar, it's gonna be a very weak mid-cycle enhancement over the current model, definitely not a complete new model in my book. Sorry for going OT, there should be a general NAIAS thread or something...

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  • uanuglyfool
    Aug 10, 05:01 PM
    Don't have my second monitor hooked up right now, otherwise my contacts list would be over there.

    I never got my xbox time :(

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  • Sydde
    Mar 23, 10:20 PM
    I'm not blaming woman for being raped, don't get me wrong. In fact i know that a lot of times it doesn't matter what the attire is.
    I'm just saying that it increases your chances of getting raped if you're wearing inviting gear.
    Sounds intuitively reasonable, do you have any good evidence to support this bold assertion, or just a feeling?
    Don't get me wrong, i don't blame the victim.
    Trying, trying real hard.
    Sharia Law is just some stupid extremist ideology
    Wow, just wow. Upon what do you base that assessment?

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  • godette
    Apr 27, 10:35 PM
    Hello everyone. I use mail to receive two gmail accounts - let's call them A and B. For some reason, mail that's sent to address A ends up in the mailbox for B. Is there any way to fix this? Should I just delete both accounts and set them up again from scratch? And also, why does mail keep asking for my hotmail password even though I keep ticking the 'remember' box? Thanks everyone

    Mar 23, 11:23 AM
    Like OMG, I had the craziest thought! What if MacRumors had more articles about...Mac Rumors?! Whoa whoa wee wow, that would be so cool.

    *Face Palm.

    Boring stuff.

    Exactly....so many articles about NON Mac stuff....like:

    Mike Oxard
    May 1, 03:43 AM
    I just don't know what the fiscal advantage is to keeping their clunky system in-house and betting a $4.5M domain name will help Store Geniuses meet their attach rate quotas.

    What makes you think they are going to keep the old system and just change the name? there is a high probability the new server farm they are building will have a lot to do with this, it'll be more than just a facelift.

    Apr 5, 10:38 PM
    you are big ye!!

    Aug 7, 05:04 PM

    All the desktop Widgets, could some one name them?

    Nov 20, 06:48 PM
    To be honest, it's only another iPhone rumor to add to the mix. The idea that Apple is ploughing ahead with new models is nice, but let's wait for v1.0 first before we start speculating about 'new' features.

    All this iPhone hype is a bit ridiculous. Remember that the iPhone, when and if it comes out, will be essentially identical to some current SonyEriccson phones, or even the LG Chocolate.:rolleyes: Yes, it may have an apple logo on it, but it's almost certainly not going to be significantly new technology.

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