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  • Calligraphy Bird Clip Art.

  • leekohler
    Apr 17, 04:30 PM
    Heck I have said some crap to good friends of mine on the ice and they have said some crap to me. Even at my level of play there's emotion that sometimes gets the better of us.

    That's funny, because the ice team I started playing with (all straight guys except for me) recently kicked a guy off the team for using the F word repeatedly, and that was before I joined. I don't feel the need to use slurs when I play, and neither do they. They think it's cheap, immature and they won't tolerate it.

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  • the Bird Clipart Pictures

  • Mr. Anderson
    Feb 14, 10:48 AM
    First post at 4:13, banned by 4:16. This has to be a record, right?

    close to one I imagine. There have been a few like that in the past who have picked the wrong time to post. One of the reasons we've added a lot of global time zone coverage with the new mods. It gives us a better chance that someone will be on line when someone tries to pull something.


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  • Bird clip art

  • bpaluzzi
    Apr 22, 11:17 AM
    Name one application that will run on a pro version and not the home, or vice versa.

    Remote Desktop Server

    That's just off the top of my head.

    You dont understand how OS version works? The newest version runs ALL software for the OS. Android 2.3 does exactly that. Of course an app written for 2.3 wont run on 1.6. Thats just common sense.

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  • clipart sunset. Bird Clipart

  • Lynxpro
    Nov 20, 01:27 PM
    If it comes in the tired "Nokia" candybar design, I won't be purchasing it. I absolutely detest candybar designs because I've never had decent reception from any of the models I've had (whether by Nokia or SonyEricsson, for example) regardless of GSM or CDMA support. It wasn't until I acquired my current Motorola RAZR (with T-Mobile) that I've had better reception than what I used to have with the analog Motorola cell phones from the early 90s with CellularOne.

    So unless its a flip phone, The Lynxpro ain't a goin' to buy it. But if Apple makes it like a RAZR but with more iTunes/iCal/iSync/iChat capabilities and a 3 megapixel camera, I'll buy one.

    While I don't use the SideKick, I think it would be in Apple's best interest to buy Danger and "Apple up" the design. The SideKick is very popular, and it would also help Apple if they were to acquire the company and switch the SideKick's browser over to Safari since the existing Danger browser does account for 1% to 2% of all net surfing currently, and Safari could use an easy increase in usage if for no other reason to prompt various holdout websites to make their designs more standards compliant and reduce the Microsoft lock-in.

    I also think Apple should bring out their own branded flash media (which would complement the iPhone or a Danger SideKick acquisition). Its time they started bringing the hurt to SanDisk's native market, and they could do that simply by bundling some free iTunes downloads with the flash products.

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  • Otaviano
    Nov 12, 10:58 AM
    I'd assume the 'other' category would be a mix of Lightworks, Media100, Premiere Pro and maybe even Sony Vegas. Mizzurah posted a link to the most recent version of the survey I was trying to recall and it has Avid at 76%, FCP at just under 20% and 'other' w/just under 5%.


    Good I had to do some editing in Media100 once and it was one of the most horrid experiences of my professional life.

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  • pink heart clip art free. Bird

  • nevir
    Oct 5, 11:56 PM
    The problem with text entry boxes in (so far as I can tell) every single browser out today, is that they are fixed width. I can have a nice big 30" monitor and want to be able to type a paragraph about this size in a single friggin' line of text across the whole monitor (more common is trying to convey source code in a text window; wrapping really sucks for source code). But, I can't, because the text box is default sized so that it fits without scrolling on my mother in law's 10-year-old 15" CRT set at 640x480. So, it's a little postage-stamp square on my 30" cinema.

    Unfortunately this is more of an issue with the designers, and not the technology. It's quite easy to make a textarea that resizes with your site design (unless the site is fixed with... but any site that heavily relies on user input generally is not.. and should not be). takes a few width: 100%'s, and you're good to go.

    Now of course, that only deals with horizontal scaling. But hey, try making a post here, and click on those up and down arrows in the top right of the input area.

    Baby Bird Clipart. pink heart clip art free. Bird
  • pink heart clip art free. Bird

  • CubusX
    Apr 7, 04:13 PM
    Like many, since 4.3 battery life has sucked. I am recharging mid day.

    Hopefully, they finally fix the battery.

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  • dove-ird-clip-art-free

  • braindog
    Dec 8, 06:51 PM
    Does anyone know if Apple will be offering this card separately? I picked up a Quad with the stock 6600 and need to add another card (to run two 30" displays).

    Anyone know if the Quad specs allow for two 7800's in a Quad, or only one 7800 and one 6600 or 6800?

    What would be the ultimate combination? 7800+6800?

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  • ftaok
    Jul 7, 01:41 PM
    I doubt it. microMV is Sony's format and it doesn't look like anyone else is supporting it. So unless Sony decides to support Macs, we won't be using microMV with iMovie.

    These are just my opinions. I have no insider info or anything.

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  • aby chick

  • ThaDoggg
    Apr 7, 09:36 AM
    ^^ Agreed. I sure wish those were in the States...

    Me too. I've always loved Alfa Romeo. Well Fiat is here...so we never know...maybe one day we will see Alfa Romeo as well.

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  • jwesty5
    Nov 19, 12:23 PM
    I smell an impending cease and detest letter from Apple. This is of course the email above is legit.

    That's a lot of cease and desist letters going out to ebay then as well. Theres no law against reselling items in your store whether its an Apple item or something else.

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  • Baby+toucan+ird

  • dukebound85
    Apr 29, 03:48 PM
    I have noticed this the last couple of weeks using Chrome on different computers on different networks.

    Every now or then on a relative frequent basis, the forum spy page will time out and Chrom will give me the option to kill the page or wait. This will also make any other open threads I am viewing in other tabs essentially freeze (no scrolling for example).

    Anyone else notice this? If so, thought I would bring it to light so to speak

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  • Beak legs free clip art jan

  • iLikeMyiMac
    Aug 14, 02:12 PM

    Baby Bird Clipart. red ird clip art image
  • red ird clip art image

  • jessica.
    Sep 24, 04:57 PM
    At some point you have to stop being a parent to a child and be a parent to an adult. he is 18, he can do what he wants.

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  • Angel, aby Jesus

  • iMJustAGuy
    Feb 1, 12:06 PM
    Both monitors are on a rotation of HD nature wallpapers like these ones. =)


    LIIINNNNKKKK!!!!? Badass wallpaper, man.

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  • iAppleBook
    Feb 3, 12:42 PM
    How do you change the colour of the finder bar? and what other apps are running on the finder bar?


    Both monitors are on a rotation of HD nature wallpapers like these ones. =)


    And yes that weather is accurate. Lots of snow and cold here in the Northeast. :cool: It was -23 a week ago, so Im feelin' toasty,

    Baby Bird Clipart. Umbrella+ird+clipart
  • Umbrella+ird+clipart

  • army91c
    Jun 20, 08:35 AM
    I'll be picking up my i-4 here (even though I live in Co., visiting family). Any other Altamonte, Apopka people here?

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  • ranviper
    Dec 26, 11:43 PM
    Wowee!! Congratulations!! :p And yeah, other people may have gotten all sorts of gadgets, but no iPad is gonna top a lifelong partner (99 times out of 100 at least :o)

    Hahaha, you right, and thanks! My mom got an iPad from my dad, so I get to play with it here and there. Pretty nifty, but I don't know if I would ever drops the money on a big iPhone. :p

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  • We also have clip art bird.

  • NoSmokingBandit
    Oct 10, 08:55 AM
    I havent posted mine here in a while.


    Apr 22, 08:16 PM
    Come on guys! We gotta get crankin' out WUs again! We seem to have lost a lot of that steam that we had a month or two ago. Losing bigadv for OS X has been an issue, hopefully we will get a new client soon!
    I am disappointed that my output has dropped, especially over the last few days...I reformatted my computer, but I should be back up now. In a few weeks, after I am done with this Final Cut project, I might boot into Windows and crank out some bigadvs + GPU to give us a boost.

    Sep 28, 01:19 AM
    The picture doesn't seem to be working. Are you sure it's the right format/size?

    Apr 2, 07:31 PM
    Hey, I wanna go to a Super Shakespeare Party... ;)

    Need to save for an iPhone table instead.... :eek:



    Apr 7, 08:22 AM
    I've been getting "Call Failed" on about 25% of my phone call attempts since 4.3.1. It's really, really annoying.

    May 5, 03:54 PM
    recently purchased a used 3g iphone....got it restored sort of...now it's stuck in a reboot loop.....the :apple: logo comes on the loading bar comes across the under the :apple: logo and it starts all over again.. have tried tiny umbrella and no go....and some one even tried a custom restore....should i cut the losses and give the phone the boot or is there still hope?..........i'm new at this so PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!:(

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